The Method - Iyengar Yoga


The Method - Iyengar Yoga

“When your body, mind and soul are healthy and harmonious, you will bring health and harmony to those around you, and health and harmony to the world.” – B.K.s Iyengar

At christchurch east yoga, yoga is taught in the tradition of b.k.s. iyengar, who has been credited with introducing yoga to the western world. the methodology of iyengar yoga has developed from his experiential knowledge of his body through the practise of yoga. 

Iyengar yoga is physically strong, mentally demanding, emotionally engaging and spiritually uplifting. distinguishing characteristics include:  

• An emphasis on balanced postural alignment.

• Poses are approached differently for reasons such as age, gender, season, experience and degree of health.

• The use of props invented by b.k.s. iyengar to enable students of all levels, ages and physical abilities to achieve the shape of the pose and benefit from the effects of the pose.


It was with tremendous generosity and great humility that mr iyengar so willingly shared his knowledge with the world.

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